Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Anniversary...

Many thanks to Susan from "Between Naps on the Porch" for letting us share each week. Yesterday (Tuesday) was my 32nd wedding anniversary. I wanted to make it something special for Hubby, so I started with our wedding china. I think that alot of you were like me, raised in the 60's and married in the 70's, when things got a lot less formal. As I've related to you before, my mother-in-law begged me to choose china, crystal and silver. She said I wouldn't regret it, so I did. Well, now I'm glad that I followed her advice!

These two youngsters remind me of folks we once knew. Who knew that we'd still be together 32 years later!

I started my table with a white cloth, then began with silver chargers from Hobby Lobby. My pattern is Noritake's "Ranier". I picked it out of a catalog that my MIL sent to me. I like the delicate floral pattern and the ring of silver around the edges. I still cannot remember what my crystal pattern is, although I do know it is Fostoria. I chose Oneida's "Independance" for my stainless, although now I could really kick myself for not picking silver.

Now- can anybody tell me what these things are called? I picked them up at an estate sale about 20 years ago for $50.00. I have never seen anything like them since. Are they vases? Are they candlestickes? I think they are too small for vases and would not hold a candle very straight. The bases are sterling, that I do know. they have several markings on the bottom that I recognize and I had to polish them today! The tops have got to be leaded crystal, they are heavy! The etching is beautiful too.

Thanks again Susan for inspiring us and allowing us the joy of playing with dishes.


  1. I have no idea what your vases are (if they are vases?) but they sure are pretty! Lovely table!!

  2. Very pretty setting. Those vases? are gorgeous!!!
    Nice picture too.
    Thank you for stopping by today.

  3. What a beautiful table. I lean toward the platinum colored trim on my dishes although I have gathered some gold rims in the past few years. I was one of those 70's gals that didn't pick anything which is probably why I avidly collect! Those look like vases to me, and they are amazing. Who cares what they are when they are so pretty.

  4. Sharon, happy anniversary to you and your husband. So nice, that your love last so long and will hopefully last for ever. Yes, your Mother in Law made a lucky decision to bother you until you picked out china, crystal and flatware. What a nice pattern you have choosen, I would pick out that, too. Good taste, my dear. O don't know, why china is mostly trimmed with golden rims, although the most flatware is silver. This platinum ring is so much nicer and looks more festive than a golden one to me. The silver chargers and the flatware and also the crystal are great to that. Who cares, that the flatware is stainless and not silver. Makes also a pretty table. The two vases you bought are really delightful. They are cornucopias, the horns of plenty, which will hopefully filled with lots of luck and fun for you. Use them as vases or fill them with glass pearls, then you can also put stick candles in.
    Greetings, Johanna

  5. Happy anniversary! I'm also a bride of the (early) 70s, and it's always fun to see the china and crystal of those who married around the same time. Your table looks so elegant! I know you enjoyed your anniversary dinner and using your beautiful wedding gifts!

  6. A very happy anniversary to you and have set an elegantly romantic table for your special occasion.

  7. Your china has a classic, timeless look -- as beautiful today as it was 32 years ago! You chose well, as you did when you bought those wonderful etched glass/sterling vases (at least I think they're small vases) -- they're absolutely gorgeous. I go to a lot of estate sales, and I've never seen anything similar. I'm so glad you shared them with your readers.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your wonderful china and those beautiful "vases" I think! Thanks for sharing - Thanks for the encouraging words!

  9. Your wedding china is lovely, and I'm glad to see that you still enjoy using it. I still like mine, too! We've been married 42 years. You and I are members of a very special club. If I had to choose over again, I'd still choose my sweet hubby. Thank you for your kind comments. I'm new to blogging, and this is a total ball. Cherry Kay