Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Erin Go Braugh....

A favorite movie of mine is "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. My favorite part of the movie is when Maureen won't go to her new husband's house without her dowry. She wants her dishes, linens and furniture, the things a young bride needs to begin a new home. I especially love it when John Wayne drags her across the countryside, kicking and screaming with the entire town watching and cheering him on. I like to think that I maybe some of the things I've gathered over the years could be considered  a "dowry". Making a home for family and friends that is comfortable and welcoming has always been a goal. Being a part of "Tablescape Thursday" has helped me to find new ways to do just that. Now, if I could cook as well as you all do, I'd be set!

Today I'm setting the table for a traditional Irish dinner. I've layered a festive 4 Leaf Clover cloth over my white tablecloth from last week. (Why mess with what works, right?) I started watching all of your tablescapes about this time last year and learned from Candy at "The Little Round Table" that green, orange and white are the colors in the Irish flag.

I'm using my Tangerine Fiesta as sort of a charger/ dinner plate, with a Shamrock salad plate under the bowl. These bowls are Better Homes and Gardens "Summer Garden". They are fairly deep and would hold a hearty Irish stew.
I liked the look of the green Mexican glassware. Everyday stainless  and a white napkin finish the place setting.
Next to each place is a shamrock dish that I found at our local drugstore, of all places. I've put a little "gold" from the leprechaun's pot for each person.
Our cute leprechaun guards the gold. I always thought they were mean and greedy, but this one's ready to share his bounty with all who dine at this table. His pot is a terra cotta planter, painted green and white. A piece of styrofoam helps to fill the pot and make it look fuller. The pot is sitting on a clear cake stand with extra gold spilling out and around.
Susan-thanks again for a lovely party. I so enjoy coming and looking at everybody's lovelies. Thank you to all of you who leave comments and have chosen to follow me. I'm flattered beyond belief !  Now, let's get back to the party, click the button on the side to see what everyone else is up to! I won't see you for a week or so, I'm cruising to Mexico for a week and hope to find some special treasures to share!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Simple Little Table in Yellow...

March is a pretty ugly time of year here in the mountains of Colorado. Everything is brown and dusty, even the snow. Today I walked to our local flower shop to see if they had anything to brighten the day. This darling bouquet was in the cooler, so I brought it home to set a table around.

A basic white table cloth is a must, so I pulled out my eyelet cloth. Then I remembered the yellow table topper our foreign exchange student sent to us a few years ago. It has silk daffodils on it.

I grabbed my vintage yellow Fiesta luncheon plates. They look pretty good with the centerpiece. A few posts ago I told I would be using these lacy plates from Pier 1, alot. I really like the way they look against the yellow plate. Everyday stainless and a water goblet finish the place setting.

What to do about napkins? I could use a plain white or a plain yellow, they'd be ok. But then, I remembered that Jenny sent napkins to match the table topper. That little bit of blue and green helps this table keeps this table from being too boring. But-they're paper! That's ok, I think that paper napkins serve a purpose, and today my purpose is easy!
And so, there it is. A simple little table in yellow. I've been busy for the last few weeks and haven't been able to join in the fun. I've missed seeing the wonderful things you girls and guys do with a few plates and glasses. Susan-as always, you're such a gracious hostess, Thank You for having me. Now-let's get back to the party!!!