Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring- Will You Ever Get Here??

Happy Spring Everybody!! I hope that you are enjoying your beautiful spring days. I have yet to see one!April in the Rocky Mountains is always very tricky, you never know what will happen next. We've had a mixture of almost nice and almost nasty weather. We really need some moisture soon, or we'll all blow away!
My Easter was pretty quiet. My grandkids other grandparents somhow think they should see our shared sweeties once in awhile, so they spent the day with them. They are really lucky to have two sets of grandparents so close to them.

I decided to set a table that can be used for any spring meal, not just Easter. I found this great cloth at Kohl's on sale of course! I think it will really be versatile for alot of spring or even summer occasions. I also knew that I could mix and match just about all of my Fiesta with it.

 It took me quite awhile to decide what colors to use. I tried just about every combination of colors that I had. I finally decided to use the Tangerine dinner plates, with the Lemongrass luncheon plates. Then I stacked my white, lacy plates from Pier 1 on top.
 I found some great ribbon at TaiPan Trading way back in January. I think it really finishes off the place setting.
 My bunny with the orange ribbon around his neck lets this table be used for Easter. I can take him and the salt and peppers off to have just a bright spring table. Daffodils from the grocery store always say spring and I snatched them up fast! I miss being able to have tulips and daffodils in my garden, but the deer seem to think I have set a great buffet for them and nibble them down to nothing.

I'm linking to "Tablescape Thursday" with Susan at  Between Naps on the Porch. I really enjoy seeing all of the wonderful tables you all set each week. You are all so creative and continue to inspire me. Now - let's get back to the party, click the button on the right to have more fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Got New Dishes!!...

A new thrift store opened in our little town recently. I usually don't do thrift stores, I don't have the time or creative juices that many of you showcase every week. But, I decided to give it a try. Of course, I saw this set of dishes right off and snagged them up! I have learned that lesson-see it, buy it or lose it!
 According to the back of the dish, this is a Homer Laughlin pattern. It's called "Theme-eggshell", I think. I've looked all over the internet to find anything about this pattern. The closest I came to was on Replacements' website. They show this dish without the floral pattern.
( Sorry this picture is blurry) I tried to enter both the number on the back of the plate and the name, but no luck.
 Anyway-these plates reminded me of my Grandmother's everyday dishes. I especially loved the square salad plates.
 The entire set consisted of six salad plates, six rimmed soup bowls, six fruit bowls, six cup and saucers, and a gravy boat. The cost-$35.00 for everything. Replacements showed the cup and saucer for $13.99 each. I think that I did pretty well!

I know my table isn't set very well yet, but I'm working on that. It took me awhile to find a cloth that would show the plates off. I know that I need to find a set of silverware that is less modern than the ones I have now. Stemware too!
So-if any of you know about this pattern, I would really appreciate the information. I would also like to find some dinner plates to complete the set. Susan-I love coming to see you every week. I have a great time at your party! Thanks for hosting all of us plate fanatics! Now let's get back to the party!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April in Paris...

Is there anything more romantic than April in Paris? I've always wanted to find out! Recently I made a trip to Denver. I found a tablescaper's dream! Sur La Table, a darling shop in Cherry Creek mall, found me and I could not resist. These darling dessert plates were in the window and I knew they must come home with me.
 I'm starting with a white table cloth-again. It reminded me of the sidewalk cafes in Paris. I layered my black chargers from Hobby Lobby with Dusty Rose Fiesta and my cute Eiffel Tower plates.
 I pulled out the polka dot napkins from again, Hobby Lobby and used the fleur-de-lis napkin rings from Sur La Table. I wanted everybody to see the design on the plates, so I did change the placement of the napkin to the water goblet. I like the napkin on the plate or at the side for a more formal look. Having the napkin in the glass seems casual and I guess that napkin placement really depends on the mood you want to set!
 Here's an upclose look at the plates. Paris-Je l'aime!
I have been absent for a few weeks due to vacations, work and the death of a close friend. But I have not forgotten you, you have all set such lovely tables over the past few weeks, Susan, you're incredible! I love coming to your party. Thank You so much for letting me come each week. Now, let's get back to the party, click the "Tablescape Thursday" button to get back to the fun!!!