Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Anniversary...

Many thanks to Susan from "Between Naps on the Porch" for letting us share each week. Yesterday (Tuesday) was my 32nd wedding anniversary. I wanted to make it something special for Hubby, so I started with our wedding china. I think that alot of you were like me, raised in the 60's and married in the 70's, when things got a lot less formal. As I've related to you before, my mother-in-law begged me to choose china, crystal and silver. She said I wouldn't regret it, so I did. Well, now I'm glad that I followed her advice!

These two youngsters remind me of folks we once knew. Who knew that we'd still be together 32 years later!

I started my table with a white cloth, then began with silver chargers from Hobby Lobby. My pattern is Noritake's "Ranier". I picked it out of a catalog that my MIL sent to me. I like the delicate floral pattern and the ring of silver around the edges. I still cannot remember what my crystal pattern is, although I do know it is Fostoria. I chose Oneida's "Independance" for my stainless, although now I could really kick myself for not picking silver.

Now- can anybody tell me what these things are called? I picked them up at an estate sale about 20 years ago for $50.00. I have never seen anything like them since. Are they vases? Are they candlestickes? I think they are too small for vases and would not hold a candle very straight. The bases are sterling, that I do know. they have several markings on the bottom that I recognize and I had to polish them today! The tops have got to be leaded crystal, they are heavy! The etching is beautiful too.

Thanks again Susan for inspiring us and allowing us the joy of playing with dishes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Red,White & Blue...

Recently, my granddaughter asked me "What is my favorite day?" I instantly replied, "Thursday! I get to play with my dishes and visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and Tablescape Thursday". I've been looking forward to sharing my new finds with you. I was browsing the Homer Laughlin website a few months back and came across these cute checked plates. They are from the "American Bistro" collection. I immediately had visions of chrome diners, juicy hamburgers, and thick milkshakes! So I ordered a few of the plates. They come in several colors with a banded or checked border. I'm still looking for a few things to set a 50's table, but I've put together a summery somewhat 4th of July table.

I've started with a crisp, white tablecloth. I found a piece of fabric with red stripes and blue stars for a runner. My Cobalt and Scarlett Fiesta are layered with the opposite American Bistro salad plate. I finally dug out my wedding crystal. It's Fostoria, but I can't remember the pattern. I've always liked it, but I only have 4 goblets. White napkins tied with patriotic ribbons finish the place setting.

I found some cardboard metalic stars at Michael's and made a banner to hang on my mantel. I used the left-over ones as coasters for the goblets. The little votives came from Dollar Tree in boxes of three, all different colors.

I found the tophat at Hobby Lobby many years ago and have used as a centerpiece alot. It always looks great with whatever you put in it. My stainless is Onieda "Independance". I think the pistol-grip handles on the knives look colonial.

Many mnay thanks to Susan for hosting this party and to all of you who post each week. I've admired each of your posts and learned so much from all of you. Each of you inspire me with the beauty you create. Thanks so much!

OOPS! After publishing my post, I see that one of my pictures is sideways! As my computer skills are pretty near zero, please accept my apologies for the sore neck you will get when looking at my post.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Morning!!!

Good Morning from the high mountain valleys of Colorado! I feel so blessed to say that I live in the Rocky Mountains, especially at this time of the year. Mornings are so peaceful, we never hear the sounds of the city here. Just the birds singing and a few occasional dogs. One of the things we are blessed in abundance with is wind. So early morning is the perfect time to sit on the deck and enjoy breakfast while the sun comes up!

I've been shopping (again) and found some cute little plates at Home Goods. I thought that the purple cloth I used at Easter would be perfect. I don't think you can see the pattern very well from my pictures, but it is from Johnson Bros. "Summer Chintz". I was excited to learn that this pattern is still available, so guess what I'm getting for my birthday! I used my white plates from Wal-Mart "Summer Rose" pattern and a deeper lilace color napkin that I got from Home Goods.

I've had the crystal for several years. My in-laws knew the owners of the local jewelry store that also carried china, crystal and silver. When they retired and sold their business, my in-laws bought almost everything that they had in the store. I recieved these goblets from that purchase. They are Franciscan "Caberet". Some of them still have the label on them. I have two sizes in my cabinet. Some of you commented on my stemware when I posted at "The Tablescaper" Where do you keep it all? post.

I've had the fruit cups(?) for many years. My boys loved pudding in them, but for today I think that berries would be perfect. The osteopermums are going in pots today. I think they are bright and cheery and perfect for a breakfast table.

Thanks so much again Susan, for hosting this event. I look forward to seeing everybody's creative and beautiful tables. I appreciate all of your comments and being able to share with you. Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where I Keep It All...

I knew the day that I found "The Tablescaper" that I had found a place to call home. For many years, I hid my love for beautiful dishes because of three wild boys. When they became teenagers, I used some of my stash to teach them manners and how to behave in public (which worked, BTW), but now that they've all flown the coop-I can play with my dishes! I've never really thought about where I keep everything, most of it is stashed wherever I can find room. My wedding china, Noritake "Ranier" is stored in the china cabinet given to me by my mother-in-law. She insisted that I register for china and crystal when I got married and now I am so glad she did.

I keep serving pieces and various other things in the bottom of the cabinet. I think I need to clean this out.

along with the cabinet came the buffet. It is filled with candles, napkins, flatware, some centerpiece items and probably some things that I've been looking for but forgot were there. Too messy to show!

My everyday Fiesta is in my kitchen. When we remodeled about 7 years ago, I wanted glass doors on some of my cabinets so I could see what I had and to keep me a little bit more organized.

We put our old kitchen cabinets in the garage. Some are full of dishes, but some are full of junk. I think I need to remedy that situation so I can store more dishes.

I just purchased this little dresser/nightstand at Home Goods. Right now, it holds napkin overflow. It needs a little bit more organization.

And so, there you have it. I didn't show all the boxes of stemware and sets of dishes stored for another day. I tried to count all of the sets of dishes that I have and only came up with 10-so I am way behind all of you. Thank you for your inspiration each week!