Thursday, February 10, 2011

And They Call It Bella Noche....

My grandaughter came over the other day. She wanted to watch a movie. I thought to myself, "ok, I can do Cinderella one more time". Imagine my surprise when she popped in "Lady and the Tramp"! I sat down and watched it with her and remembered how cute it was. Then, the best scene came on-Lady and Tramp eating spagetti. There was my inspiration for a romantic Valentine's table. Now I've already done two different versions of a Valentine theme, but I couldn't resist pulling together an Italian/Valentine table.

Now, I am not Italian. I don't drink. But I do have a red checked tablecloth. so that's where I started. I looked in my stash(which is becoming larger by the week) for the next layer. Black chargers! Red and black are Italian, right?

I kept looking through my cabinets and remembered the black and white plates from Dollar Tree. Then, scarlett Fiesta salad plates-it's starting to look pretty good.

I then remembered the cute little heart bowls from TaiPan Trading. Perfect! Adding in some everyday glasses from Big Lots, my everyday stainless, black napkins, and candles. Centerpiece? Grab the cute new block from the mantel that will give hubby a hint!

Susan-I love coming to your party! I have loved coming to your house every week for the last year. Each and everyone of you continue to inspire me. Have a Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the pary! Click on the link on the sidebar to get back to Susan's.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Susan-who are you cheering for this weekend at the big game? Thanks so much letting us sharing our passion for entertaining. Super Bowl Sunday is always big for our family. We have been passionate about the NFL for many years. Sadly, our favorite team won't be playing in the big game this year, but we will be ready to cheer another one on. I'm setting a buffet table for our big party. We like to eat in front of the TV, so I hope this table has the essentials for fun!

Since we're not sitting at the table, I've put my runner near the back. This runner is made from an astroturf door mat. It has alot of texture and hopefully my guests will get the feel of being in the game. I've gathered two different sizes of paper plates, and green yardage napkins. Some of my guests don't like to drink from paper cups, so I've put my pilsner glasses out for them. No utensils are necessary, we like finger foods!

I picked up the center tray, small bowls and football container at the grocery store. They really had a great selection of things that can be reused for many years. When my favorite team gets back to the big game, I'll mix them in with my team's colors.

I really thought the different size bowls were cute. They can hold so many different things. This year they will hold cheese balls and dip for the chips. I think the tray will be for sandwich fixin's. The big bowl shaped like a football will be for chips. Am I missing anything? Oh yes-hot wings, little smokies, pizza slices, pigs in a blanket will be in another place where they can stay hot!

I found the referee shirt at the same grocery store. Hubby refs high school football here and I really thought it would be cute for him. I think crackers and cheese will look great on it.

The umpire doll comes apart at the seams-literally! A close friend gave him to us to vent our frustrations at the officials. His arms, legs and head come off. It's a great way to yell at the refs, I figured that some of my guests might need him.

So, I hope you all have a terrific Super Bowl. Whether your favorite team wins or not, it's always fun to get together-remember to watch the commercials, they are usually the best part! Thanks for stopping by-now get back to the party at BNOTP by clicking the button on the right. GO TEAM!!!!