Thursday, February 10, 2011

And They Call It Bella Noche....

My grandaughter came over the other day. She wanted to watch a movie. I thought to myself, "ok, I can do Cinderella one more time". Imagine my surprise when she popped in "Lady and the Tramp"! I sat down and watched it with her and remembered how cute it was. Then, the best scene came on-Lady and Tramp eating spagetti. There was my inspiration for a romantic Valentine's table. Now I've already done two different versions of a Valentine theme, but I couldn't resist pulling together an Italian/Valentine table.

Now, I am not Italian. I don't drink. But I do have a red checked tablecloth. so that's where I started. I looked in my stash(which is becoming larger by the week) for the next layer. Black chargers! Red and black are Italian, right?

I kept looking through my cabinets and remembered the black and white plates from Dollar Tree. Then, scarlett Fiesta salad plates-it's starting to look pretty good.

I then remembered the cute little heart bowls from TaiPan Trading. Perfect! Adding in some everyday glasses from Big Lots, my everyday stainless, black napkins, and candles. Centerpiece? Grab the cute new block from the mantel that will give hubby a hint!

Susan-I love coming to your party! I have loved coming to your house every week for the last year. Each and everyone of you continue to inspire me. Have a Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the pary! Click on the link on the sidebar to get back to Susan's.


  1. I love the sign! The dishes looks great together!!!Love it.

  2. I love black and red together. I got the plates with the black scroll from Dollar Tree, with a red scroll but I don't think I've ever used them. Hmmmm... now you've got me thinking.

    Thank you for a wonderful year of kind comments. There's a great little group of tablescapers out there. It's pretty neat how we can gather round each week and enjoy each other's treasures.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Hi Sharon, As soon as I saw the scene from the movie I started humming that song! It is so romantic!!!! You have definitely captured the mood! Linda

  4. Another cute idea!! I love the white plates with the black scroll design. I am leaning more and more to the black and red theme in my decorating projects. LUV!!

  5. What a perfect way to get inspired! I love the checked tablecloth and the swirled plates are perfect for a pasta setting. thanks for dropping in with your kind comments.

  6. Love that movie! Your Italian table is fit for the most romantic night of the year! So pretty.

  7. Sharon, this is so cute! And I got a kick out of your "I'm not Italian. I don't drink. But I've got a red-checked tablecloth!" You did a great job pulling things from your growing stash! Those black and white plates are so versatile!