Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010-we hardly knew ya...

Where has this year gone to? It has just whizzed by for me. We've had a pretty great year, with a new daughter-in-law as the topper. I think I've had the most fun joining you on "Tablescape Thursday". Meeting all of you has certainly been a highlight!
We usually don't celebrate New Year's Eve. I guess I'm getting to the age where it's not that exciting anymore. But I thought I would try to throw something together, just in case!

I got really lucky this Christmas. Santa brought me new linens-in black. He also put the silver chargers you see here. I think he has great taste. I am using my Noritake china and Fostoria crystal. I put my $2.00 clock (you'll have to look back to see how I got that!) on my clear plate dish, with silver foil shreds around the base. It will help us with the countdown!

I've set near each place setting noise makers and necklaces to help with the festivities. You can't have New Year's without noisemakers!

A silver bowl with poppers is ready to welcome in 2011!!

My thrift store silver tray is set with silver champagne glasses and a bottle of sparkling grape juice. That is about as exciting as it gets here. I'll put the "bubbly" on ice soon.

Susan-you're such a dear. This year has been a blast for me! Thank You, Thank You-for your wonderful ideas, helps and the beauty you inspire in each of us. May 2011 find you all healthy, happy and ready to tablescape!!!!


  1. Holy smoly! This is what you produce when you "just throw something together"? Love the Fostoria. Just lovely.
    I'm using many of the same decorations.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Love the table.. it's really quite festive and surely sings Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you and yours, may the new year bring lots of blessings!

  3. Love your festive New Years table ..... it looks positively bubbly!

  4. Oh, your new black linens are so perfect for this NY table, and I love that clock. I think the Santa that visited your house has great taste - the chargers are beautiful too. laurie

  5. I love the black and silver theme. Beautiful. Happy New Year.

  6. I love your table! super neet idea putting a clock on the table for New Years...I sooo am all over that!Happy New Years ,Abby

  7. As a new blogger (July), I couldn't agree with you more...Tablescape Thursday has been such a blast! So many lovely men and women with whom we share this wonderful passion of tablescaping. Your New Years Eve table is perfect. The clock is the perfect focal point. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay