Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Official-I now own a Rooster...

Ok-I give. You have convinced me that I need a rooster in my house. After seeing so many wonderful table settings with all of your pets, I caved in and got not one-but two. I just couldn't leave the tall skinny guy all alone in the store. Now roosters are not my favorite animal. We have several neighbors that have chickens here and those roosters love to let us all know that they are in charge-especially at 5:00 am. (Sorry about this picture-don't break your neck trying to see.)

I've set my table with my favorite red tablecloth. I use this thing alot! I found the checked table runner at the Quilted Bear in SLC while visiting my mother. My American Bistro plates look great with this. I really love the checked border in red and black.

Here's the man that made me give in. I knew when I saw him that he would fit in perfectly with this country breakfast setting. There is the best little store for these kind of things in my town. It's called "Elk Ridge Gifts and Framing". Marsha always has the cutest things and knows just what I like.

The napkins aren't really napkins, but oversized washcloths. I really liked the texture and pattern. Being on sale for $1.00 helped too. I'm using glassware that I recieved when I got married. I'm down to 6 of these glasses from a set of 24. I really can't believe they've lasted this long.

My centerpiece is from the "Style Sisters". Some ribbon, rafia and fresh eggs finish my table. Now we're ready for pancakes, country ham and eggs-or maybe bisquits and gravy!

Thanks so much again Susan from BNOTP for hosting this much looked forward day(at least at my house!) Click the Tablescape Thursday button on the right to go back and see some wonderful ideas for entertaining or just making things nice for yourself. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments each week-I appreciate them all!


  1. LOVELY! The checked table runner, cage centerpiece ,the dishes are special.Fatima-Scrapart.

  2. zesty and fun with these bold colors! following you too!

  3. The red and black checked plates are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your charming design....glad that you found a chicken to enjoy. Cherry Kay

  4. Cute table, love all the checks with the roosters...

  5. I don't know if it was just me but I couldn't get your link at TT to work. I had to go around about to get here. Love the red, white and black with these wonderful roosters. The black and white checked cloth looks wonderful.

  6. Thanks for visiting my rooster post! I like your black and white very much ... very nice post.

  7. Your new roosters go so perfectly with your table linens and dishes. I sometimes use tea/kitchen towels as napkins, too.

    All the Best,