Monday, May 3, 2010

How's This?

Last week I posted a picture of a pretty sad little table. I could not find the piece that would finish the look I wanted. So, after many wonderful ideas from you, I hope that it looks better this week. I started digging around in my china cabinet and found the platter to put in the center of the table. It really seemed to bring everything together. I found another book to make a stack of 3. I found some wrapped styrofoam balls and put them in the beehive cloche. You can really only see the red one in the picture, but it seems to fill out the space. A taller candlestick from the mantle helped give some height, although I do think I could use a colored candle for color.
In the second picture, I changed the finial for a plant to give this space a bit of color(other than browns). I found the Gerbera at the big-box store and wanted to plant it outside, but we had snow this weekend. It might be a little too intense, but I like it. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions, that's why I love looking at and reading your blogs. I've learned so much! Thanks to Marty at Tabletop Tuesdays for all of your help!


  1. Hi Sharon! Oh, your vignette looks wonderful. Isn't it something how much we learn from each other?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. looks mighty PURDY to me.~!!! welcome to blogland, Happy to have ya with us.


  3. I like what you have done. It really looks great. I like the splash of color, too.

  4. Looks pretty fabulous to me! I love using plates as decorations-great choice!

    Best wishes for a lovely week,

  5. I love tall candles and old books; nice combo.

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